Pinterest...... So much to look at!

I've fell in love with Pinterest! I fact I think we can say I'm addicted.... :)
In just two days I've been inspired by so many thing, I'm off to Ikea tomorrow to buy spice racks to make book shelves in my sons room, I'm in the process of making a behaviour chart for my nephew & I've made a birthday present for my tea loving friend. 

I'd seen lots of ideas with jars full of different food stuffs or ingredients for a recipe. I decided to take my spin on the idea and fill my jar with specialist tea bags and hot chocolate sachets. Wrapped some ribbon around the jar and there you go instant present! 

The jar was £3 from Morrisons & I've popped in 3 little packets of special teas (5 tea bags in each) bag of mini marshmallows, 4 hot chocolate sachets, a hot chocolate stir in & a rocky road chocolate bar. Total cost £5.80