It's D Day!

Are you starting a diet today? It would seem most of us are, the statistics say 2 out of 3 of us will! Wonder how many will still be on a diet this time tomorrow, next week, next month? 
At Slimming World we don't call it a diet because simply put it's not! How can eating all this fantastic free foods and never going hungry be called a diet? It's healthy eating that the whole family can enjoy together. No foods are banned & we love food.

Fancy these kind of meals & want to lose weight? Come along to a Slimming World group and find how and watch the pounds disappear. 
We currently have several free membership offers in various magazines. Check or Facebook for current offers. 

Alternatively visit and use our postcode search to find a group near you.

Kie x


Unknown said…
Mmmm these all look amazing! Especially the first picture, what is that please? I joined my local slimming world group five weeks ago and just found your blog, loads of great recipes on here! Looove the batch cooking section!
Kies World said…
Hi thanks for the lovely comment. The first pic is a Slimming World burger without the burger! It's tastes a lot like a very popular fast food burger place. ;)
I shall be updating the website with this recipe very soon