A much needed update

know I know, it’s been a while. I got side tracked the hustle and bustle of life and neglected my blog. You may have noticed we have a new domain name - gone has the old .com. That is so old news now, to be really cool you have dot uk don't you know! 


So I’m still running my Slimming World group in Great Wyrley and it’s all good. My lovely Wyrley stars are losing loads of weight and each week we share the successes and even after 5 & half years I still learn something new in group each week. Whether it’s a new recipe, a tip or just a suggestion. It’s a constant learning journey. 
Join me at my Tuesday Slimming World group in Great Wyrley to find out how you can eat fabulous healthy meals and lose weight. 

**9.30am. 5.30pm & 7.30pm**

ON TUESDAYS- Senior Citizens Centre Broadmeadow Lane, GREAT WYRLEY  
Kierston 07824 665600

I do however have a new love........sewing! It’s true I'm addicted. I actually can’t believe it myself, the most sewing I’ve ever done is sew a button and I never found that easy but I heard about these sewing classes on the school playground so I sought out the lady, ambushed her one morning and that's it - a new sewing addict is born.  After a 121 lesson with the lovely Kerrie who patiently taught me the basics of using a sewing machine I made a pin cushion. Now it’s not great, the sewing is seriously dodgy but OMG I MADE A PIN CUSHION!!!!
Next day I borrowed my mom’s 30 year old machine and made a bag, yes I made a bag! What has happened to me? My mom was in shock. She’s been telling me to sew for years but I wasn't interested at all, I just got her to make my curtains and alter clothes instead. But a week of watching YouTube tutorial videos, making bags and visiting fabric shops and my addiction took hold so bad I bought myself a sewing machine. My kitchen was then took over by the sewing fairy and believe me this fairy is super messy!
I love making bunting and bags the best, I find them easy and the satisfaction of seeing the result of my work quickly is amazing. My 'thing' seems to be gothic style, lots of skulls and crossbows. I spend hours looking a fabric websites thinking what I could make.
And now the lovely Kerrie who got me involved in all this has only gone & opened a craft centre. You can find Living in Loveliness at St John's Church community centre in Hill Street, Essington. It’s not just about sewing either. There will be craft workshops, crafternoon teas, craft demonstrations, promoting and selling local handmade gifts, weekly craft groups and much more. Take a look at the Living in Loveliness Facebook page for more information. 

Anyone fancy crafternoon tea?

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