Eggs n beans

In group last week we discussed nice warm breakfasts now the weather has turned a bit chilly and the lovely Claire popped up with 'just do beans n egg in the microwave, it takes 2 minutes' Well I've heated beans in the microwave & I've cooked scrambled eggs in the microwave but cook them together..? Ermmm no. Now you may do this all the time & think my goodness this woman does share some rubbish recipes but for me and many menbers in the room this was a bit of 'ping' moment. Anyway let's go back to Claire who told us exactly what to do.
Empty tin of baked beans into a microwave dish. Break two eggs straight onto the beans & very important make sure you pierce the egg yokes (unless you don't mind cleaning fried egg from every side in the microwave!) sprinkle a little salt and pepper on the eggs, pop in microwave and aprox two mins later job done. Cooking time maybe different depending on your microwave & how you like your eggs. 
How quick and easy is this meal, it's JAM PACKED with proteins which are going to fill you up until lunchtime. It's warm & gives your tummy that internal central heating, just what you need when scraping the ice off the windscreen at 7.30am!
My aim this week is to try this week so pics to follow!

Kie x


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