Which wood?

Do you sometimes wonder about the different wood finishes we offer? Let me share with you a little snippet of information. All our items are made from reclaimed wood which basically means it's already had a use somewhere else and would have gone for scrap or burning so we upcycle and make something beautiful and new.
Pine is a soft wood, it's easy to work with and is used in a multitude of products around the home. It's also really light. For example a pine heart weighs substantially less than Mahogany! Pine is very light in colour and can be stained or varnished to bring out the grain. 

The Japanese method of charing wood which Paul favours is used on soft woods only. This technique takes Pine to another level and makes each item very different.

Maple, Oak and Mahogany are hard woods, generally the grain is more pleasing to the eye and they are much prettier woods and very hard wearing. Mahogany, Maple and Oak are more expensive woods and you often find high end furniture is made from these hard woods.

Oak is a light coloured wood and with a clear varnish the natural colours shine through. It often be likened to a honey colour.

Mahogany or Sapele as its also called is a beautiful warm reddish colour. Its one of those woods that looks great in a modern or traditional room.

Maple is a pale coloured wood which when varnished shows the pretty grain and unique patterns. It is a very tough wood and is often used as chopping boards.

Working with natural products means each piece is individual, unique and showcases the enrichment of the natural grain and characteristics of the wood

It all comes down to personal taste, in my house we have a mixture of all woods and colours. I like a mix and match 😊

What do you prefer?