Freezer meal time again!

I've been doing a lot of research into this preparing freezer meals and decided to give it a go. Firstly I sat at the laptop and downloaded loads of recipes from various websites that I fancied. I printed them all off then wrote a shopping list of all the ingredients required. Quick trip to the supermarket and £46 later I'm all prepared and ready to go!
I allowed myself the whole day and to be fair it took most of the day including the shopping.
Lots of chopping, seasoning and bagging later and all those ingredients turned into 16 dinners 
I even got my son helping although he thought it was more fun to peel the carrots & eat them!

Each freezer meal I prepared is for 2 adults and 1 small child. 
I prepared:
4 x Chicken cacciatore
2 x Thai chicken curry
2 x Delicious Chicken
1 x Pesto Chicken
3 x Chinese Beef & broccolli
3 x Ham & pineapple
1 x Chicken soup
Total of 16 meals to feed my small family at the cost of £46
Click here to find the recipes
Don't forget to write on the freezer bag BEFORE you add the ingredients what's in the bag and how to cook it. I defrost my meals overnight then either empty into the slow cooker in the morning and cook on low for several hours or alternatively you could cook them in a regular oven.  What I would recommend is when writing your list of meals to prepare think what you will serve them with? Do you need rice, pasta, potatoes, veg, salad etc? 

I have to say it was well worth a day of preparing and organising as for the past 4 days I've not cooked a thing and my house smells divine. Today the smell of slow cooked ham & pineapple is tantatlising my senses! 

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