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Have your cake & eat it!

I love cake, I cant get away from it. I just love it - chocolate, lemon, jam sponge Oh I dont care I just love cake and I cant go without it! And I think I've found the perfect healthyish 'real' cake to satisfy my craving! Just a reminder cake is only good in moderation, eating the whole thing is not so despite this being a 'healthyish' cake remember to always think of portion control.

2 Eggs whisked
2/3 Tbsp Sweetner
28g Self raising Flour
Couple drops of flavouring i.e. vanilla essence, strawberry, almond etc.
Tsp Baking powder
Half pot of quark with added sweetner to taste and optional colouring and flavouring. I used red colouring and strawberry flavouring
50g icing sugar

1. Add eggs, sweetner & flavouring to a bowl and using an electric whisk, wizz up until doubled or more in size.

2. Fold in flour and baking powder and mix well. Pour into a small baking tray. I use an appox 12x8 size.
3. Bake in a medium/hot oven for 8 minutes and then check. If it looks like this its done otherwise bake for a couple more minutes.
4. Divide in 2 and sandwich with the quark mixture.
5. Mix icing sugar with a little water to make a smooth icing and spread over the top. Slice into squares and enjoy! Store in fridge and use within couple of days.