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Got the hang of it now!

OOOOOOOOOOOO New Cuttlebug fings!! How exciting

Not very good photos - mirror card really doesnt photo well but you get the idea. I do love these new folders and borders. The paisley backing paper is one of my own.

I made this card for my nephew Kians Christening. Im not good with Christening cards but I tried to make this simple but still nice. Im pretty pleased with the effect.

The Butterfly card I actually made for a wings challenge on my MSN group Crafts Chatter but decided to personalise it for Halle Maes Birthday. I really like this card and more importantly so did Halle!

Ive been doodling crazy lately. I have so many little doodles to get onto the computer to use in crafting. Drawing the doodles is the easy bit - finding the time to do something with them seems impossible! I also have a mountain of photographs to go through and utilise so my crafting friends can also get some use out of them. Not much point having a load of copyright free pics if nobody can use them is there?


Shirley said…
Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I NEED them border folders and some of the new a6 folders. Love what you made using them also. Love the butterfly for halle. your doodles look good also.
Shaz said…
love your doodles, I joined a zentangle swap but am going to have to withdraw as they were so awful lol
yours are very pretty!! Im not artistic in the least
well done
Jilly said…
I need these folderslove your doodles