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Finally I actually made something!

The idea that this bank holiday Monday I was going to spend the whole day watching tv and crafting. Well it didnt quite go according to plan and this is all I managed to turn out.

I made a couple of bookmarks for my mom and sister. The characters are on card but the text is on acetate. Then I tied the card and acetate together with ribbon.

I love this pretty bracelet, took me ages to put all the little rose beads on it!

Here are some keyring/handbag charms I made yesterday.Very difficult to see on the photo but this first silver one was a nightmare to do. Extreemly fiddly as I beaded inside the cage but it looks fab - think Im going to keep that one for myself. I love working with the cages but they do take some patience especially if you are really clumsy like me. I had all but finished the bottom brass one and had spent ages doing the beading inside, was just about to twist the metal at the to to finish it and oooops dropped it! Had to start all again!! Arhhhhhhhhhhh

Also made this scooter card for a friend of mine. The scooter image is actually a photograph of his bike which I printed and then decoupaged.