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Beef & Noodle Pie

A big hit in our house is Beef & noodle pie. Its a lot like spaghetti Bolognese all mixed together really but is very filling & deliciously yummy 

500g Extra lean mince
Handful of chopped mushrooms
Handful of frozen peas
1 onion chopped
2 x Spaghetti Bolognese oxo cubes
Dried noodles

Fry mince with mushrooms, onions & peas. (add other veg if desired) Add stock made with spaghetti bolognaise oxos and bring to boil. Add 3 sleeves of broken up dried noodles. Mix into meat mixture well. Ensure noodles are covered with liquid. Bring to boil and simmer until noodles are soft and most of the liquid has gone. Transfer into oven proof dish and top with cheese and pop in medium oven for approx. half hour.

Serve with salad or vegetables