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Cheese & Potato Pie

Cheese & Potato Pie - proper comfort food but traditionally full of high fat goodies. Well fear not here is a Slimming friendly version that is just as tasty.

Potatoes peeled and chopped into chunks ready for boiling
One onion finely diced
Pot of Fat free cottage Cheese
1 Egg whisked
Handful of frozen peas
Lean Ham/cooked bacon etc.

1. Boil potatoes and onions in pan of water until potatoes soft.

2. Mash potatoes and onions until creamy
3. Add Whisked Egg and cottage cheese (double check for syns) and mix well

4. Season mix well. Add chopped ham & peas & stir gently to combine ingredients.

5. Transfer mixture to an oven proof dish and top with cheese. Top with sliced tomatoes and herbs
6. Bake in a medium oven for aprox 30 minutes or until cheese is melted and pie is heated through.
7. Serve with salad or baked beans for a healthy boost.