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It thinks its lasagne but its not!

Do you just love Lasagne but are trying to lose weight and are worried about the calorific cheesy sauce and ooodles of delicious minced beef and layers of pasta?
Yeah well worry no more cus Ive got the recipe for you. 
My lasagne isnt lasagne, its just pretending to be. I've added more vegetables to ensure we get our veggie quota in and in this one I haven't even used lasagne sheets just regular pasta. Feel free to adapt to suit you.
What you will need:
Packet of Extra lean Mince
Mixed vegetables including onion, mushroom, celery, carrot etc. I also added butternut squash
Tin of tomatoes
Stock melts or cubes
Pasta or lasagne sheets
Packet of white or cheese sauce mix. I used Colmans
Grated cheese

1. Chop vegetables finely and add to the pan to soften
3. Add the beef mince and cook until browned.
3. Add a couple of stock melts to add flavour. I used a rich beef one and a herb infusion one. Both by Knorr. Once melted in, add a tin of chopped tomatoes.

4. Now to start layering in either an oven proof dish or in the slow cooker bowl.
Firstly start with approximately 1/3 of the meat mixture then top with either lasagne sheets or pasta. Then pour on your made up cheese or white sauce. Continue layering and finish with the cheese or white sauce and top with grated cheese.

5. Bake in the oven until pasta is soft or pop the lid on the slow cooker and bake on medium for half hour then low for as long as you like. I left mine for 6 hours and it was beautiful.
Serve with a crisp salad and chips if you've got room!