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Eggy muffins

I'm love with this little bite sized muffins. Easy peasy to make & fills a rumble in the tummy. I've done several variations of these muffins but these are my current favourite
Chock a block full of yummy ham & topped with a smidge of cheese theses delicious morsals make a fantastic snack or lunch. Add a big salad and jacket spud for a brilliant and filling meal guaranteed to fill you up.

Ingredients (make 10)
Small pot of fat free cottage cheese
3 Large eggs
Cooked ham
50g low low cheese

Preheat oven to medium 
Place silicone muffin cases onto a baking tray and spray with frylight. 
Whisk together the eggs & cottage cheese. Place a little cooked ham into each case and pour the egg mix over. Don't fill to the top as they do rise.
Place in over and bake for aprox 10 minutes or until set. Times will differ depending on your oven 
Add a small amount of grated cheese to each muffin and pop back in oven just for cheese to melt.

Add cooked chicken, mushrooms, bacon, peppers, onion etc. In fact there are no rules go with what you fancy!