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Choc Shot..... It's a chocoholic dream

Well in my previous I mentioned Choc Shot, strawberries & meringue and I sat here at my desk for a while but just couldn't get the idea of the dessert out of head so lunch became pudding in the Kelly house today!

It really does taste as good as it looks!  To make his beautiful dessert all you need is:

I measured out my level tablespoon of ChocShot and drizzled it around the sundae dish. Of course I couldn't get it all of the spoon so quickly licked it off before my son wanted it (bad mom) Next went in some crumbled meringue nest and lots of strawberries & grapes. Topped off with a Muller Light Cappuccino yogurt and a yummy strawberry.

I do love my desserts and am always on the look out for new ideas and recipes that can be adapted to a healthier way and this sweet fruity chocolately pud is well worth it to me.

Super tip- Don't be tempted to add more Choc Shot, that tablespoon goes a long way and this seriously chocolately tasting :)


Update 1st August - Sweet Freedom who make Choc Shot featured my twitter post and yummy desert picture in their email #superhappy!