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Beefy pasta one pot

I'm a huge fan of one pot meals, saves on prep time & washing up!

Very simple meal tonight, no faffing, just nice and quick and strictly it's 2 pots but who's counting?! ;)

Serves 2 adults and a small person

5% fat minced beef 500g
Frozen peas handful
Pasta 300g
Tsp Garlic (fresh or powder) 
2-3tbsp Gravy granules
Beef stock cube
Boiling water 

Cook pasta as directed
Meanwhile brown the mince until cooked. Crumble in the beef oxo cube and mix into the beef. Add garlic, gravy granules, peas, and boiling water a little at a time until desired consistency. 

Mix together well and bring to boil. Add cooked pasta, stir and boom your done! You could add some grated cheese if desired or maybe even some chilli to give it extra kick! 

Fridge to dinner table - 10 minutes!