Friday, 13 October 2017

Its all in the planning!

I'm a super procrastinator, my head is full of things I have to, need to and want to do but just don't seem to find the time to fit them all in. Weeks whizz by and its just dawned on my that we are more than half way through the year & all the things I wanted to do this year I haven't! I like lists in fact I love lists. The problem is I spend ages making wonderful planners and hours filling them in organising my life but then don't follow them through. My intentions are great, I've got all the solutions to time management I just don't follow them through! 
This wee I decided to start again with yet another planner so on goes the computer at 8am ready to design and print off to find the laptop has a virus so Ive spent all day fixing that. Finally at 2pm I design and print off my new planner.
It's nice and simple and does exactly what I want it to do. I've road tested my daily planner and its working very nicely. Every morning or sometimes the night before I fill in my goals and must dos.  My goals are ongoing. I might not achieve all or even any of them today but they are my ultimate wishes and might be the same or I might have new ones tomorrow! 

Today's must dos are exactly that, these are things I have to do today & can't put off. 
The other two boxes are also self explanatory. I'm finding it very satisfying to put a big line through or tick next to the tasks Ive achieved & this week dare I say it Im feeling organised!
Feel free to use this planner for yourself.

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Saturday, 23 September 2017

Not so much kitten like

Kittens not so kitten like. 5 months old now and into everything! Daisy still hasn't grown into her giant ears lol

Christmas is Coming!

It's been a while but my lovely friend Kerrie from Living in Loveliness encouraged me to go along to a Christmas crafting event last night. I loved it!

Saturday, 9 September 2017

Baby Daisy

We've had the kittens 6 weeks now. This is Daisy, she is still tiny unlike twin sister Minnie! She maybe tiny but she is a feisty funny little madam with bags of confidence.

Banana hair


I've had The Bodyshop banana hair mask for a little while and today was the day to test it out! Well I am very impressed. I used the banana shampoo and then the mask. Left it on for about 5 minutes whilst I body scrubbed with then new French Grape Seed Scrub! Blow dried and straightened my hair. Ive NOT added any serums or shine sprays. This is just the results from the shampoo and mask only. Check out that shine! My hair is soooo soft and bouncy. No tangles either when wet so all you long haired girlies you need this. Long hair is high maintenance, it does take looking after but this was EASY and the results are plain to see. Incidentally my 7 year old son loves the banana shampoo too :)
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Monday, 30 January 2017

Merry New Year

Merry New Year to you all! Hope youve had a fabulous Christmas, my house has been taken over by Lego, its everywhere!
Not only did Lego arrive for Christmas but it was Nathaniels birthday last week so more Lego!

A visit to Sudbury Hall over the Christmas holidays, the trees were beautiful

Sunday, 23 October 2016

In the interest of research

Of course I need to test all these gorgeous Body Shop products or how can I tell you how the look and feel! 

Today I decided to sample the British Rose Fresh Plumping Mask.
It went on very easily and has a delicate rose aroma.
I left it on for 10 minutes as recommended. My skin didn't sting or become tight during this time. I then removed the mask with Body Shop at Home luxury facial flannel which stays soft and supply whilst wet and feels very soft and gently on the skin. 

Time to moisturise with two beautiful products. 
Firstly the Oils of Life intensely revitalising essence lotion
Followed by Oils of Life intensely revitalising cream
My skin feels, looks & smells amazing. I finished off this indulgent pampering this morning by completing the look with very simple daytime makeup using Shimmer Waves on eyes and face and finish with lashings of mascara