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The wonderful world of dating apps

Dating apps. I've got quite a lot to say about them. Being single in 2018 is quite an eye opener, the world has changed. People no longer go to the pub and chat each other up. Now you have download an app to your phone and swipe left or right depending on if you fancy their photo. But before you even do that you have to add your own photos and a profile. How do I sell myself without sounding like a total tool. You have to give you the information about yourself before you even start. I remember meeting blokes in the pub back in the 90s and you just used to chat and if you liked each other you'd stay chatting all night then arrange to meet. You didn't tell them all your hobbies, your life story, what car you drive or your favourite foods all in one night! Anyway I digress so once you've put together an advert for yourself then you have to chose some photos. Now do I pick a really glamorous one of me looking amazing or a quick now selfie which shows the real me? Thing i…

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