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Amazon - Is it Prime shopping?

How did I used to shop before Amazon and more to the point how did I cope without Amazon prime? I’m very impatient when I decide I want something - I want it now! So let’s drive to town, find a parking space and battle with the parking metre. Why does it seem so technical, I just want to pay for an hours parking? Great it’s raining, so now I have to dodge the rain dashing in and out of the shops looking for desired item to find its out of stock when I get there and queued with all the other muppets and I even smile sweetly at the shop assistant who scowled back at me. How dare I smile! Why would I put myself through such torture when I could have purchased £5 cheaper from Amazon and had it delivered to my door within 24 hours. It’s a no brainer really isn’t it.....

My Amazon order history is quite diverse, ranging from Lego to envelopes to washing powder. I think I treat it as an extension of Sainsbury’s. This week was Prime day, ooooh how exciting. What bargains can I buy, what can Amazon tempt me with I think. I subscribe to a couple of websites which bombarded me with WhatsApp messages over the two Prime days seducing me to click the links. Do I really need a bottle of alcohol free passion fruit vodka or 27 rolls of toilet paper. I know I know I really do need a hot tub, a dinosaur paddling pool, 33 chocolate bath bombs, a wedding dress (perhaps I should look for a groom first) 24 bottles of sparkling mountain water, 15 bars of unicorn soap, a giant soft llama toy and an inflatable flamingo drinks holder.  Come on you guys it’s a steal. That lot came to £54 instead of £600 or was it £60?? 

Ok so I didn’t really purchase that lot, actually all I did get was an Alexa, bottle of Whiskey and a board game. I was seriously tempted by the giant Llama though.
My point is do we really need this stuff. We live in such a commercial society when we buy what we want when we want cheaply these days. I’m not that old (no seriously I’m not) but I remember when I was younger I really wanted the M People cassette (ok maybe I am that old) I had to wait for my birthday for my nan to get it. These days if you want an album you just download it in seconds. I’ve been an Amazon customer since 2000, I think I would be horrified if I added up my spend. I probably could have put a deposit on a house! 

So Amazon Prime I love to hate you but I’m not planning on cancelling Prime.....not just yet anyway. I’ve just seen a solar powered ornamental mole that would look fabulous in my garden near the flamingo!