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Special Fried Rice

My favourite meal from the chinese takeaway is Chicken fried rice & chips - as simple as that. I love it! But I have now found the secret to making my own fried rice at home that really does taste as good as the takeout.
Now before I start keep an open mind because you might not like one of the ingredients but please don't miss it out, its the key to making this dish work.

Firstly you need to use cold cooked rice. Its essential that the rice is cold. Please check out my post on how to cook perfect rice here.

Fried rice cooks quick so you need all your prepared ingredients to hand:
Cooked rice, handful of frozen peas, 3 chopped spring onions, 2 whisked eggs, soy sauce, fish sauce (not essential) & the secret ingredient tin of anchovies.I also added cooked chicken & prawns.

Get ready as dinner will be ready to eat in 5 minutes. Spray your wok or pan with lots spray oil and get it really hot. Pour in the whisked eggs and mix around the pan to scramble.

Just as the egg is starting to congeal add the peas and spring onions and move around the pan. Now add the chopped anchovies & any extra ingredients (ie. cooked chicken & prawns) Move around the pan quickly to ensure everything is evenly cooked. Add the rice.
Add a good splash of soy sauce and a little fish sauce and mix well.
Ensure rice is hot. Serve and eat!