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Easy Vegetable Curry

So it looks like I'm a bit addicted to freezer bulk cooking! I still had excess carrots, courgette and potatoes left over from last weekends cooking so decided to cook a basic curry last night. Now curry experts out there please don't slay me for using curry oxo and instant curry powders. This is an easy, simple and quick curry. Tastes delicious

As this is for bulk freezer cooking I used large quantity of ingredients so if you are cooking for just two please reduce the quantities right down. This made enough for 3 meals to feed 2 people.
I started off with adding frozen mixed vegetables, chopped onions, chopped peppers, chopped mushrooms and garlic to a large pan. Put the lid on and let them sweat away.

Once the onions are soft and all the frozen veg has thawed its time to add some spice. Now I cant really tell you what to add or quantity as everyone's taste is different. I used a combination of the spices in the pic below and I did add quite a lot. I tend to find less is more. You can always add extra spice later but you cant take it away. Mix the spices into the half cooked veg & leave on a low heat whilst you prepare the extra vegetables.

Next I emptied the fridge of the left over veg from last week. Not much variety in my fridge but you can use any vegetables you have.

10 minutes later. Half grated and half chopped

Add these to the pan along with enough stock (made with curry oxo) to cover all the vegetables. Bring to the boil, cover and let simmer until all vegetables are cooked and soft stirring occasionally.

Taste and add seasoning or extra spice if desired.
Serve with perfect rice and chips.

Delicious, filling and as good as the takeaway but costs way less money