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Liquid refreshments :)

A constant issue when trying to lose weight is usually two things - chocolate & alcohol! (most definitely  true in my case anyway lol) So I've took it upon myself to start a quest into finding low calorie wine:)
as for chocolate only true chocoholics will settle for Cadburys so no alternative there!

I was told Home Bargains sell Black Tower light Rose so off I go today and find not one light wine but four! Can you imagine my excitement! whoooooop!

Andrew Peace White Mezze (there is also a rose)
Blue Nun Delicate White
Black Tower B Rose 5.5% Alcohol 

The next question that needs answering is 'How do they taste?' I will of course in the interest of research will be taste testing these wine and will keep you posted :)  

Edit - you know what they are ok, nice and refreshing