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I love taking photographs, I snap away on my phone camera all the time to capture instant memories mainly of my son! However lovely as these instant pics are the quality just isn't so great. 
I've had many really good cameras over the years and last Autumn I decided to upgrade my compact Nikon to a SLR. 

Before you know it computer is filling up with hundreds of photographs to admire and smile over in years to come. I thought about when I was a child and we enjoyed adding photographs to albums and me and my sister would sit for hours laughing at photos of our parents from the 70s. You can't get that connection from thousands of photographs stored on a memory card or usb stick.

I spent several hours last week sorting through just 2015 photographs and designing them into photo books from Photobox. It took a while because I'm a but of a perfectionist and I had a lot of photographs to search through. The books have arrived today and I'm more than happy. I believe I chose the correct images to remember memories. 
Here's just a few of my favourite photographs from 2015