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Pud pud puddings!

If like me watching tv in an evening seems to make me incredibly hungry and desperate to eat the fridge and cupboards contents well then if you have a sweet tooth you may find these delicious little puddings a super help for evening munchies. Enjoy!

Lime pudding

Make up lime jelly as directed. Pour into 6 pots and leave to set.
Make up 2nd lime jelly with less water aprox 3/4 pint. Stir in a fat free vanilla yogurt and mix well. Pour over jelly and leave to set. Top with fat free Greek yogurt (add sweetner to taste) and fruit.
Strawberry Trifles
Make strawberry jelly up as packet. Pour over fruit into 6 dishes. Leave to set.
Dissolve sachet of gelatine in 1/4 pint of boiling water and mix well. Add 2 pots of banana and custard low fat yogurts and mix well. Pour over jelly. Leave to set. Top with fat free Greek yogurt (add sweetner to taste) and fruit.